I fully believe in the power of prayer and these last couple of weeks have been pretty challenging, especially with realtionships. However, when I am faced with a moment that I have no answer for; I pray. So if you have been experiencing something similar too; this is for you too.

God I thank you for today and for everyday that you have given me. I thank you for the opportunities to live out what you have put inside me. Come be in the middle of all my relationships, let me know that you are there and you are the one changing and shifting the outcomes. In my realtionships that are stressed; I call on you to reveal true identities of all who are involved, may we have the strength to really see who we are made to be and act on it! God, break down the lies and the fears of being who we were designed to be! Strip us of our false expressions of our self. I pray strength and courage and a willingness to be real to ourselves and in our relationships. I pray against fear and miscommunication. Give us the strength to confront that of which we do not understand. So that we may tear down the lies and break apart the enemy’s ability to hold us back! Let us not me scared of what the outcomes will be. Give us a knowledge to know that we need to change and give us a peace to be able to walk that out. This year is the year of opportunities but it is also the year of intentionality! No more living with the haphazard mindset of “it will happen if it’s supposed to happen” but restore our passions and puropse! Give us eyes to see the opportunities through the inconvenient moments. Help us to live everyday with a purpose and make choices that are alongside our deepest desires! We give you our lives, all our lives. We give you our relationships and release control to you and you alone. In Jesus name, Amen!

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  1. sandra rhodes
    Posted February 23, 2012 at 6:10 pm | Permalink

    Amazing sweet girl/ We love you and hope to see you soon. Mawmaw and John

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