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Your REFUGE is in your DESTINY

 (My thought from a teaching by: Perrianne Brownback of The Abbey Church)

Each and every person was created with a destiny inside of them of insurmountable worth. To think that the dreams that well up inside our hearts were actually placed there by God is an incredible thought on its own, but let’s take it a step further. What if your safety and refuge was actually IN the pursuit those dreams and your destiny? It is so easy on one hand to stay in the manmade “cave” of security and protection but is it really the safest place to be? Our mentality is to take a few steps out in the open towards our dreams to “test the waters”, never fully giving our whole selves to the purpose, and then running back to our cave of familiarity when we start to see new things happening. This process often repeats itself several times and we justify it by telling God “I am running back for refuge so I can fall apart and reevaluate” but He is saying, “Yeah, but your refuge is out there. Your refuge is in the scary part, because that’s where I am.”

The perfect biblical example of this is the story of Jonah. God gave Jonah a specific task to go preach to the city of Nineveh, but Jonah fled. In his efforts to find security he runs into the hands of danger and gets thrown into the ocean and still God sends a fish to swallow him up and save him. While he was in the belly of the fish he decides to reconsider his original task and sees that his true refuge is IN his calling.

Why did it take the belly of a fish to make the change? Well, what is in the belly of a fish? Jonah was alone, in the dark, surrounded by other dead fish, hopelessness and frustration. When we seek our own refuge we end up in a refuge that was never intended for us. We end up in the belly of a fish or our caves; alone, in the dark, surrounded by the remains of dreams and visions that once held life. We are hopeless and frustrated that the potential and vision is gone, rather than falling into the Father’s arms taking the challenge he has called us to.

In what areas of our hearts have we ran back to our cave? I challenge myself and you to ask God to reveal these places that we have tried to protect and only found frustration. Reveal the places that he is calling you to and then reveal the way out of your cave. Ask Him to give you a taste of that freedom and joy so that that becomes the very thing you crave! “We always think that God’s plan is to wait but what if His plan is to go…NOW!”, said my friend, Nicole Cooper when discussing challenges. I would rather live in the middle of the danger protected and walking in His peace than alone in the depths of my own fear. Now is the time!!

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