Trip Blog Day 7 – Church

Today is Sunday and we went to Aydee and Hannah’s church. It reminded me of a mix between The Abbey and The Bridge.Напыляемый пенополиуретан экотермикс: в поисках оптимального решения

The speaker was named Sara. She spoke on purity and sexuality and the differences in running towards God as opposed to running away from the “don’ts” of life. It was a really good service! We went to the studio afterwards and there we decided that I wasn’t able to sing. When we were warming up I could hit some notes but when we were going over a song all I hit was my breaking point! I became very frustrated and started to cry. I wasn’t crying so much for the song as I was for the whole week.

All emotions for and from the week before hit me at once and I broke. I went to the restroom to try and clean up but I just began to cry more. I felt God give me a peace about the CD but I also felt a peace to process in my own way. As I exited the bathroom mom asked me to go outside with her for fresh air. She talked to me and reminded me that it’s all in God’s hands. There is nothing we can do or not do to make it work and we have to trust that He knows what He is doing for the bigger purpose that we cannot yet see.

We finished that day by listening and editing a song. We went home and had dinner and watched a movie as Hannah went to a Paul Simon concert she was personally invited to. Aydee and Hannah’s friend Richard came over for the evening and I really liked getting to talk with him. He prayed for me before I went to bed for healing and peace, which was much needed, and then we slept.

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