Trip Blog Day 5 – Studio

Today when we woke up mom told me that God was saying to enjoy the time I had left in the studio. Because there will never be another first CD and to really rest in his presence in the recording room. The day before, I was really starting to miss friends and family at home and I was focusing on home more than I was here, however I didn’t tell anyone that.Журавли

So when mom shared that with me it really sparked an awareness of how I was spending my mental time. When we went to the studio there was a more relaxed feel, I knew the presence of God was hovering over waiting for me to say the word to permission its release.

We were able to get “I’ve Found a Love” and “I Will Not Let Go” done. As I sang “I Will Not Let Go” the spirit really moved, not just in me but through me. We didn’t record this song in pieces like we had done for the other songs. We did the whole song several times. Aydee kept redoing recordings and each one were different but each one was filled with the presence of God. I turned off the lights again and Aydee put the music on a loop and let me sing. When I opened my eyes at one point I saw Aydee with his head down and arms over his head and mom standing in the corner of the room with her hands out crying. I was singing in the recording room in the dark totally abandoned to God. It was amazing. After a while we decided to stop and take a break for lunch. After lunch we started the recording of “You Reign” Aydee and I decided to rewrite the structure and some lyrics. We recorded about half of it and then I felt my voice get really tired so we called it a day.

We all had plans to go to Hannah’s friend’s party, Hannah Jackson. Mom started to feel really sick and ended up not being able to go. The party was a lot of fun. I met a beautiful couple, Mike and Carol, and they became my party buddies for the evening. I met a lot of people, mostly musicians, some that were going to play on my CD. Towards the end people started singing and playing music as entertainment. I started to get tired and feel the amount of long hours I have been spending. We came home and went to bed and I was looking forward to my day off the next day!

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