Trip Blog Day 3 – Studio 12hrs

Studio 12 Hoursкак сделать хороший проект здания.

I woke up a little raspy and tired this morning but after warming up my voice started to clear out. We arrived at the studio at 8:30am and worked on three songs and got almost all of them done. 

Aydee was supposed to have to leave but he ended up being able to stay because he forgot he had already made arrangements to cover for him. The first song was “I Turn to You” we started with the harmony parts and counter melodies which helped warm my voice. We switched to “The More I Seek You” and decided to add a choir sound to it. Aydee pulled three guys (Joel, Hayden, and Ryan) and himself in to the studio to record their vocals. Then he pulled me, mom and Hannah to do other vocals.

It turned out amazingly! We moved on to “He Loves Us” and worked on harmony and then lead after Hannah left. We then went back to “The More I Seek You” and did lead vocals and then Aydee asked me to ad-lib next. I turned off the lights and flowed in the spirit. (Dad was on skype in the office with Chris and Joe) the recording was 12 minutes long and the presence of God felt like an ocean. We were all speechless for a while. After that song we finished up with “I Turn to You” and left the studio at 10:30pm.

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