Trip Blog Day 1

We are on the plane to Chicago and the last few days have been a real “inside outing” process. That is the only way I know how to describe it. I feel like I am totally flipped onside out and my heart is fully exposed but more than that my arms aren’t even available to shield it.ГРИБЫ. РАСФАСОВКА ГРИБОВ

My lungs literally feel cold; it feels like air is soaking in from every open pour and crease available. I have cried several times; some because of the overwhelming idea of walking through the door to a lifelong dream. As well as a sadness of the ones that can’t and never will be able to fully experience each moment of this experience with me. A mixture of joy and pain yet understanding and peace quickly interrupt my thoughts.

God’s grace and plan is beautiful! I tear up just from writing it. The last week I have been in a new secret place with God, one that has not been limited to private time with Him but carries over into my every moment. On the outside I am sure I appear strange or “in my own world”. On the inside my head wants to run through all possible and understandable fears but as I do my spirit is calmed with a flooding of peace and grace! I cry, as I talk through my fears but not because of the fear but because of the immediate removal of uneasiness.

God really is SO good!

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